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Upcoming Products
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Item Name Date Expected
JAN161782 SHAMAN KING GN VOL 01 (OF 32) (CURR PTG) (C: 1-0-0) 10/02/2016
JAN161784 SHAMAN KING GN VOL 03 (OF 32) (CURR PTG) (C: 1-0-0) 10/02/2016
ORPHAN BLACK HELSINKI #2 (OF 5) SUBSCRIPTION VARIANT [(W) Graeme Manson & Various (A) Alan Quah (CA) Cat Staggs] 10/02/2016
MANHATTAN PROJECTS SUN BEYOND THE STARS #4 [(W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Nick Pitarra] 10/02/2016
PERSONA 4 VOL 01 [(W) Shuji Sogabe, Atlus (A/CA) Shuji Sogabe] 10/02/2016
ORPHAN BLACK HELSINKI #1 (OF 5) SUBSCRIPTION VARIANT [(W) Graeme Manson & Various (A) Alan Quah (CA) Cat Staggs] 10/02/2016
BLACK SCIENCE PREMIERE HC VOL 01: BEGINNERS GUIDE TO ENTROPY [(W) Rick Remender (A) Matteo Scalera, Moreno Denisio (CA) Matteo S 10/02/2016
THEYRE NOT LIKE US #11 (MR) [(W) Eric Stephenson (A/CA) Simon Gane, Jordie Bellaire] 10/02/2016
BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 10 VOL 04: OLD DEMONS [(W) Christos N. Gage (A) Rebekah Isaacs (CA) Steve Morris] 10/02/2016
GIGANTO MAXIA [(W/A/CA) Kentaro Miura] 10/02/2016
INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US YEAR THREE VOL 02 HC [(W) Tom Taylor, Brian Buccellato (A) Mike S. Miller, Bruno Redondo (CA) Aaron Lop 10/02/2016
BLACK CANARY #8 [(W) Brendan Fletcher (A/CA) Annie Wu] 10/02/2016
FLASH #48 [(W) Robert Venditti, Van Jensen (A) Jesus Merino (CA) Ivan Reis, Joe Prado] 10/02/2016
TRANSFORMERS MORE THAN MEETS EYE #49 [(W) James Roberts (A) Hayato Sakamoto (CA) Alex Milne] 10/02/2016
FISTFUL OF BLOOD #4 (OF 4) [(W) Kevin Eastman (A) Simon Bisley (CA) James Ryman] 10/02/2016
LOW #11 SHORE OF THE DYING LIGHT PART 1 (OF 5) CVR A TOCCHIN [(W) Rick Remender (A) Greg Tocchini, Dave McCaig (CA) Greg Tocchin 10/02/2016
AUTUMNLANDS TOOTH & CLAW #9 (MR) [(W) Kurt Busiek (A/CA) Ben Dewey] 10/02/2016
X-MEN | ALL NEW X-MEN #4 [(W) Dennis Hopeless (A/CA) Mark Bagley] 10/02/2016
STAR WARS | DARTH VADER #16 [(W) Kieron Gillen (A) Salvador Larroca (CA) Kaare Andrews] 10/02/2016
JUGHEAD #4 REG CVR A HENDERSON [(W) Chip Zdarsky (A/CA) Erica Henderson] 10/02/2016
DOCTOR WHO 10TH YEAR TWO #6 REG ZHANG [(W) Nick Abadzis (A) Elena Casagrande (CA) Alice X Zhang] 10/02/2016
DOCTOR WHO 12TH YEAR TWO #2 REG RONALD [(W) Robbie Morrison (A) Rachael Stott (CA) Alex Ronald] 10/02/2016
CONSTANTINE THE HELLBLAZER VOL 01: GOING DOWN [(W) Ming Doyle, James TynionIV (A) Riley Rossmo & Various (CA) Riley Rossmo] 10/02/2016
JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA: THE SILVER AGE VOL 01 (JLA) [(W) Gardner Fox (A) Mike Sekowsky (CA) Mike Sekowsky, Murphy Anderson] 10/02/2016
SINESTRO NEW52 VOL 03 [(W) Cullen Bunn, Frank J. Barbiere (A) Brad Walker & Various (CA) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy] 10/02/2016
Y: THE LAST MAN BOOK 04 [(W) Brian K. Vaughan (A) Pia Guerra & Various (CA) Massimo Carnevale] 10/02/2016
SECRET WARS | 1602: WITCH HUNTER ANGELA [(W/A) Various (CA) Stephanie Hans] 10/02/2016
RED SKULL [(W/A) Various (CA) Riley Rossmo] 10/02/2016
SECRET WARS JOURNAL: BATTLEWORLD [(W/A) Various (CA) Paco Medina] 10/02/2016
DEADPOOL FIRSTS [(W/A/CA) Various] 10/02/2016
SPIDER-MAN | AMAZING SPIDER-MAN EPIC COLLECTION: RETURN OF THE SINISTER SIX [(W) David Michelinie, Charles Vess (A) Erik Larsen 10/02/2016
X-MEN: AGE OF APOCALYPSE: DAWN [(W/A) Various (CA) Adam Kubert] 10/02/2016
ABE SAPIEN #31 MAIN CVR [(W) Mike Mignola, Scott Allie (A) Sebastian Fiumara (CA) Max Fiumara] 10/02/2016
HARROW COUNTY #9 [(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Carla Speed McNeil (CA) Tyler Crook] 10/02/2016
KINGS ROAD #1 [(W) Peter Hogan (A/CA) Phil Winslade, Staz Johnson] 10/02/2016
MASSIVE NINTH WAVE #3 [(W) Brian Wood (A) Garry Brown (CA) John Paul Leon] 10/02/2016
CONSTANTINE THE HELLBLAZER #9 [(W) Ming Doyle, James TynionIV (A/CA) Riley Rossmo] 10/02/2016
EARTH 2 SOCIETY #9 [(W) Dan Abnett (A/CA) Jorge Jimenez] 10/02/2016
SUICIDE SQUAD | NEW SUICIDE SQUAD #17 [(W) Sean Ryan (A/CA) Juan Ferreyra] 10/02/2016
RED HOOD ARSENAL #9 [(W) Scott Lobdell (A) Javi Fernandez (CA) Leonardo Manco] 10/02/2016
STARFIRE #9 [(W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti (A) Emanuela Lupacchino, Ray McCarthy (CA) Amanda Conner] 10/02/2016
TELOS #5 [(W) Jeff King (A) Carlo Pagulayan, Jason Paz (CA) Carlo Pagulayan] 10/02/2016
BATMAN SUPERMAN #29 [(W) Tom Taylor (A) Robson Rocha (CA) Yanick Paquette] 10/02/2016
BATMAN #49 [(W) Scott Snyder (A/CA) Yanick Paquette] 10/02/2016
BATMAN AND ROBIN ETERNAL #19 [(W) Scott Snyder & Various (A/CA) Paul Pelletier, Tony Kordos] 10/02/2016
CATWOMAN #49 [(W) Frank Tieri (A) Inaki Miranda (CA) Joshua Middleton] 10/02/2016
GOTHAM ACADEMY #15 [(W) Brendan Fletcher & Various (A) Rafael Albuquerque & Various (CA) Mingjue Helen Chen] 10/02/2016
HARLEYS LITTLE BLACK BOOK #2 [(W) Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti (A) John Timms (CA) Amanda Conner] 10/02/2016
GREEN LANTERN CORPS EDGE OF OBLIVION #2 (OF 6) [(W) Tom Taylor (A/CA) Ethan Van Sciver] 10/02/2016
BATMAN 66 MEETS THE MAN FROM UNCLE #3 (OF 6) [(W) Jeff Parker (A) David Hahn, Karl Kesel (CA) Michael Allred] 10/02/2016
BATMAN TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #3 (OF 6) [(W) James TynionIV (A/CA) Freddie Williams II] 10/02/2016
DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS #9 [(W) Marguerite Bennett (A) Sandy Jarrell & Various (CA) Ant Lucia] 10/02/2016
INJUSTICE GODS AMONG US YEAR FIVE #3 [(W) Brian Buccellato (A) Bruno Redondo & Various (CA) David Yardin] 10/02/2016
WONDER WOMAN | LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN #2 (OF 9) [(W) Renae De Liz (A) Renae De Liz, Ray Dillon (CA) Renae De Liz] 10/02/2016
DARK AND BLOODY #1 (OF 6) (MR) [(W) Shawn Aldridge (A) Scott Godlewski (CA) Tyler Crook] 10/02/2016
NEW ROMANCER #3 (OF 12) (MR) [(W) Peter Milligan (A/CA) Brett Parson] 10/02/2016
SLASH & BURN #4 (MR) [(W) Si Spencer (A) Max Dunbar, Ande Parks (CA) Tula Lotay] 10/02/2016
STAR TREK STARFLEET ACADEMY #3 (OF 5) [(W) Mike Johnson, Ryan Parrott (A/CA) Derek Charm] 10/02/2016
GUTTER MAGIC #2 (OF 4) [(W) Douek, (A/CA) Barkley] 10/02/2016
JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS VALENTINES DAY SPEC 2016 [(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Corin Howell (CA) Sara Richard] 10/02/2016
MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC #39 [(W) Christina Rice (A/CA) Agnes Garbowska] 10/02/2016
BLACK JACK KETCHUM #3 (OF 4) [(W) Brian Schirmer (A) Claudia Balboni (CA) Jeremy Saliba] 10/02/2016
BLACK SCIENCE #20 (MR) [(W) Rick Remender (A) Matteo Scalera, Moreno DiNisio (CA) Matteo Scalera] 10/02/2016
DESCENDER #10 [(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Dustin Nguyen] 10/02/2016
INJECTION #7 CVR A SHALVEY & BELLAIRE (MR) [(W) Warren Ellis (A/CA) Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire] 10/02/2016
LIMBO #4 (OF 6) (MR) [(W) Dan Watters (A/CA) Caspar Wijngaard] 10/02/2016
NO MERCY #7 [(W) Alex De Campi (A) Carla Speed McNeil, Jenn Manley Lee (CA) Carla Speed McNeil] 10/02/2016
SPREAD #13 CVR A SOBREIRO (MR) [(W) Justin Jordan (A/CA) Felipe Sobreiro] 10/02/2016
AVENGERS | ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT AVENGERS #5 [(W) Mark Waid (A) Mahmud A. Asrar (CA) Alex Ross] 10/02/2016
AVENGERS | NEW AVENGERS #6 [(W) Al Ewing (A) Gerardo Sandoval (CA) Matt Rhodes] 10/02/2016
HULK | TOTALLY AWESOME HULK #3 [(W) Greg Pak (A/CA) Frank Cho] 10/02/2016
ULTIMATES #4 [(W) Al Ewing (A/CA) Kenneth Rocafort] 10/02/2016
HAWKEYE | ALL NEW HAWKEYE #4 [(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Ramon K. Perez] 10/02/2016
GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #5 [(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A) Valerio Schiti (CA) Arthur Adams] 10/02/2016
MS MARVEL #4 [(W) G. Willow Wilson (A) Takeshi Miyagawa (CA) Cliff Chiang] 10/02/2016
SPIDER-MAN DEADPOOL #2 [(W) Joe Kelly (A/CA) Ed McGuinness] 10/02/2016
SILK #4 [(W) Robbie Thompson (A) Stacey Lee (CA) Helen Chen] 10/02/2016
SPIDER-GWEN #5 [(W) Jason Latour (A/CA) Robbi Rodriguez] 10/02/2016
SPIDER-MAN 2099 #6 [(W) Peter David (A) Will Sliney (CA) Francesco Mattina] 10/02/2016
WEIRDWORLD #3 [(W) Sam Humphries (A/CA) Mike Del Mundo] 10/02/2016
BLACK KNIGHT #4 [(W) Frank Tieri (A) Luca Pizzari, Kev Walker (CA) Julian Totino Tedesco] 10/02/2016
S.H.I.E.L.D. | AGENTS OF SHIELD #2 [(W) Marc Guggenheim (A) German Peralta (CA) Mike Norton] 10/02/2016
ILLUMINATI #4 [(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Shawn Crystal (CA) Riley Rossmo] 10/02/2016
OLD MAN LOGAN #2 [(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Andrea Sorrentino] 10/02/2016
WOLVERINE | ALL NEW WOLVERINE #5 [(W) Tom Taylor (A) David Lopez (CA) Bengal] 10/02/2016
DEADPOOL #7 [(W) Gerry Duggan (A/CA) Scott Koblish] 10/02/2016
SNOW BLIND #3 [(W) Ollie Masters (A/CA) Tyler Jenkins] 10/02/2016
JAMES BOND #4 [(W) Warren Ellis (A) Jason Masters (CA) Dom Reardon] 10/02/2016
ALIENS VAMPIRELLA #6 (OF 6) CVR A HARDMAN [(W) Corinna Bechko (A) Javier Garcia-Miranda (CA) Gabriel Hardman] 10/02/2016
DEUS EX #1 (OF 5) CVR A CONCEPT DESIGN [(W) Nicole Dawn Phillips (A) Beni Lobel (CA) Colin Lorimer] 10/02/2016
CHARMED SEASON 10 #16 (MR) [(W) Garth Ennis (A) Keith Burns (CA) Kev Walker] 10/02/2016
JAN161604 DISNEY GRAPHIC NOVELS HC VOL 02 X MICKEY (C: 0-0-1) 10/02/2016
AGENT CARTER SHIELD 50TH ANNIV #1 ACTIION FIGURE VARIANT [(W) Kathryn Immonen (A) Rich Ellis (CA) John Tyler Christopher] 10/02/2016
BATMAN ARKHAM KNIGHT BATGIRL AND HARLEY QUINN #1 [(W) Tim Seeley (A) Matthew Clark & Various (CA) Matthew Clark] 10/02/2016
BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS (NEW EDITION 2016) [(W) Frank Miller (A) Frank Miller, Klaus Janson (CA) Frank Miller] 10/02/2016
INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US YEAR THREE VOL 01 [(W) Tom Taylor (A) Mike S. Miller, Bruno Redondo (CA) Neil Googe] 10/02/2016
MARVEL'S MIGHTIEST HEROES VOL 56: STORM [(W) Chris Claremont, Christopher Yost (A) Barry Windsor-Smith, Diogenes Neves] 10/02/2016
SECRET SIX VOL 01: FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES [(W) Gail Simone (A) Ken Lashley, Dale Eaglesham (CA) Dale Eaglesham] 10/02/2016
SECRET WARS #9 (OF 9) CHRISTOPHER ACTION FIGURE VARIANT [(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) Esad Ribic (CA) John Tyler Christopher] 10/02/2016
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