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Due to a family health crisis services at Amazing Fantasy will be erratic for the next few months. Updates to the website have been affected by this, so if there is something you want that is not listed please email to check if we actually have it in stock. We apologise for any inconvenience this causes and will endeavour to have things back to normal as soon as humanly possible. Thank you for your understanding.

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We reserve the right to cancel orders for multiple copies of the same comic. Our philosophy is that it is better to supply as wide a range of people as possible rather than to enable speculators.

Upcoming Products
These items will be in stock soon
Item Name Date Expected
MARVELS MIGHTIEST HEROES VOL 111 UNBEL [(W) Christopher Hastings (A) Danilo Beyruth, Gurihiru] 21/03/2018
MS MARVEL #28 LEG [(W) G. Willow Wilson (A) Nico Leon (CA) Valerio Schiti] 21/03/2018
KICK-ASS #2 CVR A ROMITA JR (MR) [(W) Mark Millar (A/CA) John Romita] 21/03/2018
KILL OR BE KILLED #17 CVR A PHILLIPS ( [(W) Ed Brubaker (A) Sean Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser (CA) Sean Phillips] 21/03/2018
IRON MAN HONG KONG HEROES #1 (OF 1) LE [(W) Howard Wong (A/CA) Wong, Justice] 21/03/2018
GREEN LANTERNS #43 [(W) Tim Seeley (A) V Kenneth Marion (CA) Will Conrad] 21/03/2018
HARLEY QUINN #40 [(W) Frank Tieri (A) Mirka Andolfo (CA) Amanda Conner] 21/03/2018
IRON FIST #78 LEG [(W) Ed Brisson (A) Damian Couceiro (CA) Jeff Dekal] 21/03/2018
KILL OR BE KILLED #17 CVR B VIRGIN WRA [(W) Ed Brubaker (A) Sean Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser (CA) Sean Phillips] 21/03/2018
INJUSTICE 2 #22 [(W) Tom Taylor (A) Bruno Redondo & Various (CA) Bruno Redondo, Juan Albarran] 21/03/2018
MONSTRESS #15 CVR A TAKEDA (MR) [(W) Marjorie M. Liu (A/CA) Sana Takeda] 21/03/2018
JUSTICE LEAGUE #41 [(W) Christopher Priest (A) Pete Woods (CA) David Yardin] 21/03/2018
DESCENDER #28 CVR A NGUYEN [(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Dustin Nguyen] 21/03/2018
DOCTOR STRANGE DAMNATION #3 (OF 4) LEG [(W) Donny Cates, Nick Spencer (A) Szymon Kudranski (CA) Rod Reis] 21/03/2018
CABLE #155 LEG [(W) Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler (A) German Peralta (CA) Daniel Warren Johnson] 21/03/2018
CAVE CARSON HAS AN INTERSTELLAR EYE #1 [(W) Jonathan Rivera (A/CA) Michael Avon Oeming] 21/03/2018
BATWOMAN #13 [(W) Marguerite Bennett (A) Fernando Blanco (CA) Dan Panosian] 21/03/2018
BOMBSHELLS UNITED #14 [(W) Marguerite Bennett (A) David Hahn (CA) Emanuela Lupacchino] 21/03/2018
AQUAMAN #34 [(W) Dan Abnett (A) Mirko Colak (CA) Andy Kubert] 21/03/2018
AVENGERS #685 LEG [(W) Al Ewing & Various (A) Paco Medina (CA) Mark Brooks] 21/03/2018
BATMAN #43 [(W) Tom King (A/CA) Mikel Janin] 21/03/2018
HARLEY QUINN #40 VAR ED [(W) Frank Tieri (A) Mirka Andolfo (CA) Frank Cho] 21/03/2018
JAMES BOND THE BODY #3 (OF 6) CVR A CA [(W) Ales Kot (A) Rapha Lobosco (CA) Luca Casalanguida] 21/03/2018
BRAVE & THE BOLD BATMAN & WONDER WOMAN [(W/A/CA) Liam Sharp] 21/03/2018
BATMAN TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES II [(W) James TynionIV (A/CA) Freddie Williams II] 21/03/2018
REGRESSION #8 (MR) [(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Danny Luckert, Marie Enger (CA) Danny Luckert] 21/03/2018
NIGHTWING #41 [(W) Sam Humphries (A/CA) Bernard Chang] 21/03/2018
OUTCAST BY KIRKMAN & AZACETA #34 (MR) [(W) Robert Kirkman (A/CA) Paul Azaceta, Elizabeth Breitweiser] 21/03/2018
RUNAWAYS #7 [(W) Rainbow Rowell (A/CA) Kris Anka] 21/03/2018
SPIDER-GWEN #30 LEG [(W) Jason Latour (A/CA) Robbi Rodriguez] 21/03/2018
SPIDER-MAN | AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #796 2ND PTG HAWTHO [(W) Dan Slott (A/CA) Mike Hawthorne] 21/03/2018
SPIDER-MAN | AMAZING SPIDER-MAN RENEW YOUR VOWS #17 [(W) Jody Houser (A/CA) Nathan Stockman] 21/03/2018
STAR WARS #45 [(W) Kieron Gillen (A) Salvador Larroca (CA) David Marquez] 21/03/2018
STAR WARS POE DAMERON #25 [(W) Charles Soule (A) Angel Unzueta (CA) Phil Noto] 21/03/2018
SUPER SONS #14 [(W) Peter J. Tomasi (A) Carlo Barberi, Art Thibert (CA) Jorge Jimenez] 21/03/2018
SUPERMAN #43 [(W) Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason (A/CA) Patrick Gleason] 21/03/2018
TALES OF SUSPENSE #103 (OF 5) LEG [(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Travel Foreman (CA) Yasmine Putri] 21/03/2018
THANOS #17 LEG [(W) Donny Cates (A/CA) Geoff Shaw] 21/03/2018
THOR | MIGHTY THOR #705 LEG [(W) Jason Aaron (A/CA) Russell Dauterman] 21/03/2018
WEAPON H #1 LEG [(W) Greg Pak (A) Cory Smith (CA) Leinil Francis Yu] 21/03/2018
WWE #15 [(W) Dennis Hopeless, Tini Howard (A) Serg Acuña (CA) Dan Mora] 21/03/2018
X-MEN GOLD #24 LEG [(W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Thony Silas (CA) David Nakayama] 21/03/2018
HELLBOY | ABE SAPIEN DARK & TERRIBLE HC VOL 02 [(W) Mike Mignola, Scott Allie (A) Max Fiumara (CA) Sebastian Fiumara] 21/03/2018
ALIENS DEAD ORBIT TP (C: 0-1-2) [(W/A/CA) James Stokoe] 21/03/2018
BATMAN 66 MEETS WONDER WOMAN 77 TP [(W) Jeff Parker, Marc Andreyko (A) David Hahn, Karl Kesel (CA) Alex Ross] 21/03/2018
BATMAN NEW GOTHAM TP VOL 02 [(W) Greg Rucka (A) Shawn Martinbrough, Rick Burchett (CA) Dave Johnson] 21/03/2018
BLACK SCIENCE TP VOL 07 EXTINCTION IS [(W) Rick Remender (A) Matteo Scalera, Moreno DiNisio (CA) Matteo Scalera] 21/03/2018
COPPERHEAD TP VOL 04 [(W) Jay Faerber (A) Drew Moss, Ron Riley (CA) Scott Godlewski, Ron Riley] 21/03/2018
FLASH TP VOL 05 NEGATIVE REBIRTH [(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Carmine Di Giandomenico & Various (CA) Neil Googe] 21/03/2018
HARROW COUNTY TP VOL 07 DARK TIMES A C [(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Tyler Crook] 21/03/2018
HOPE ONE SHOT (MR) (C: 0-0-1) [(W) Lovern Kindzierski (A/CA) John Bolton] 21/03/2018
INVINCIBLE TP VOL 25 END OF ALL THINGS [(W) Robert Kirkman (A) Ryan Ottley & Various (CA) Ryan Ottley, Nathan Fairbairn] 21/03/2018
IRON FIST TP VOL 02 SABRETOOTH ROUND T [(W) Ed Brisson (A) Mike Perkins, Jeff Dekal] 21/03/2018
JUSTICE LEAGUE TASK FORCE TP VOL 01 PU [(W) David Michelinie & Various (A) Sal Velluto, Greg LaRocque (CA) Sal Velluto] 21/03/2018
PLANETARY TP BOOK 02 [(W) Warren Ellis (A) John Cassaday, Jerry Ordway (CA) John Cassaday] 21/03/2018
REALM TP VOL 01 (MR) [(W) Seth Peck (A/CA) Jeremy Haun] 21/03/2018
RETCON TP VOL 01 REVERSE ENGINEERED (M [(W) Matt Nixon (A/CA) Toby Cypress] 21/03/2018
SPIDER-MEN II TP [(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Sara Pichelli] 21/03/2018
STAR WARS LEGENDS EPIC COLLECTION CLON [(W) Haden Blackman & Various (A) Brian Ching & Various (CA) Brian Ching] 21/03/2018
X-MEN BLUE TP VOL 03 CROSS TIME CAPERS [(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Thony Silas, R. B. Silva (CA) Arthur Adams] 21/03/2018
X-MEN GOLD TP VOL 04 NEGATIVE WAR ZONE [(W) Marc Guggenheim (A) Ken Lashley, Lan Medina (CA) Ken Lashley] 21/03/2018
MAR181674 OVERSTREET COMIC BK PG SC VOL 47 ROM CVR [(W) Robert M. Overstreet (A) Various (CA) Gabriel Rodriguez] 11/04/2018
MAR180016 ETHER TP VOL 01 DEATH OF THE LAST GOLDEN BLAZE [(W) Matt Kindt (A/CA) David Rubin] 11/04/2018
MAR180018 MIND MGMT HC VOL 02 FUTURIST [(W/A/CA) Matt Kindt] 11/04/2018
MAR180020 MIND MGMT HC VOL 04 MAGICIAN [(W/A/CA) Matt Kindt] 11/04/2018
MAR180022 MIND MGMT HC VOL 06 THE IMMORTALS [(W/A/CA) Matt Kindt] 11/04/2018
MAR180024 SHAOLIN COWBOY ADVENTURE MAGAZINE TP [(W) Andrew Vachss, Mike Black (A) Geof Darrow, Gary Gianni (CA) Scott Gustafson] 11/04/2018
MAR180030 BLACK HAMMER TP VOL 01 SECRET ORIGINS [(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Dean Ormston] 11/04/2018
MAR180036 NEIL GAIMAN AMERICAN GODS HC VOL 01 SHADOWS (C: 1-0-0) [(W) Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell (A) Scott Hampton & Various 11/04/2018
MAR180040 DARK HORSE BOOK OF HORROR HC [(W) Mike Richardson & Various (A) P. Craig Russell & Various (CA) Gary Gianni] 11/04/2018
MAR180050 ALIENS DEFIANCE TP VOL 02 [(W) Brian Wood (A) Stephen Thompson & Various (CA) Massimo Carnevale] 11/04/2018
MAR180052 ALIENS LIFE AND DEATH TP [(W) Dan Abnett (A) Moritat (CA) David Palumbo] 11/04/2018
MAR180054 ALIENS OMNIBUS TP VOL 02 (CURR PTG) [(W) Chris Warner & Various (A) Allen Nunis & Various] 11/04/2018
MAR180056 ALIENS ORIGINAL COMICS SERIES HC VOL 02 [(W) Mark Verheiden (A) Denis Beauvais, Sam Kieth (CA) Denis Beauvais] 11/04/2018
MAR180058 ALIEN VS PREDATOR FIRE & STONE TP [(W) Christopher Sebela (A) Ariel Olivetti (CA) E.M. Gist] 11/04/2018
MAR180064 DEPT H HC VOL 02 AFTER THE FLOOD [(W/A/CA) Matt Kindt] 11/04/2018
MAR180072 MASS EFFECT ADULT COLORING BOOK TP [(W) Juan Cabal (A) Ron Chan & Various] 11/04/2018
MAR180074 SERENITY ADULT COLORING BOOK TP [(A) Sean Cooke & Various (CA) Sean Cooke] 11/04/2018
MAR180078 BTVS BIG BADS & MONSTERS ADULT COLORING BOOK TP [(A) Karl Moline & Various (CA) Karl Moline] 11/04/2018
MAR180080 STAR TREK TNG ADULT COLORING BOOK TP VOL 02 CON [(A) Bill Mudron & Various] 11/04/2018
MAR180082 STAR TREK ORIGINAL SERIES ADULT COLORING BOOK TP VOL 02 [(A) Juan Cabal & Various] 11/04/2018
MAR180084 HALO ADULT COLORING BOOK TP [0] 11/04/2018
MAR180088 WITCHFINDER TP VOL 04 CITY OF THE DEAD [(W) Mike Mignola, Chris Roberson (A) Ben Stenbeck (CA) Julian Totino Tedesco] 11/04/2018
MAR180100 HARROW COUNTY TP VOL 02 TWICE TOLD NEW PTG [(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Tyler Crook] 11/04/2018
MAR180102 HARROW COUNTY TP VOL 04 FAMILY TREE NEW PTG [(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Tyler Crook] 11/04/2018
MAR180104 HARROW COUNTY TP VOL 06 HEDGE MAGIC [(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Tyler Crook] 11/04/2018
MAR180116 ALABASTER SC NOVEL PALE HORSE [(W) Caitlin R. Kiernan (CA) Greg Ruth] 11/04/2018
MAR180118 ALICE IN WONDERLAND HC [(W/A/CA) Rod Espinosa] 11/04/2018
MAR180120 ANGEL & FAITH TP VOL 01 LIVE THROUGH THIS [(W) Christos N. Gage (A) Rebekah Isaacs, Phil Noto (CA) Dan Jackson, Steve 11/04/2018
MAR180122 ANGEL & FAITH TP VOL 04 DEATH & CONSEQUENCES [(W) Christos N. Gage (A) Rebekah Isaacs (CA) Dan Jackson, Steve Morris] 11/04/2018
MAR180124 ANGEL OMNIBUS (DH ED) TP VOL 01 [(W) Christopher Golden & Various (A) Jeff Matsuda & Various (CA) Brian Horton, Paul L 11/04/2018
MAR180126 ART OF AKANEIRO HC [(A) Shu Yan & Various] 11/04/2018
MAR180128 AVATAR LAST AIRBENDER POSTER COLLECTION TP (C: 1-0-0) [(A) Various] 11/04/2018
MAR180130 BARB WIRE OMNIBUS TP VOL 01 [(W) John Arcudi & Various (A) Andrew Robinson & Various (CA) Chris Warner] 11/04/2018
MAR180132 BLOOD C GN VOL 02 (C: 1-0-0) [(W) Clamp (A/CA) Ranmaru Kotone] 11/04/2018
MAR180134 BLOOD C GN VOL 04 (C: 1-0-0) [(W) Clamp (A/CA) Ranmaru Kotone] 11/04/2018
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